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In the media, publishing, newspapers, magazines, books, public relations, photographers and new media, they are represented as staff, casual and freelancers.

The World Press Federation is the voice of journalists working as freelancers, temporary and staff members in newspapers, news agencies, publishing, magazines, online, book publishing in all sectors of journalism and journalists and media in the world, both domestically and abroad.


New and exciting

We are a new and exciting membership federation seeking to make changes inside the global media industry. We aim to represent our members with honesty and integrity at all times.

When you join our federation you will gain the opportunity to be represented to be able to express yourself and maximise the freedoms that will enable and empower to tell the news as it should be told.

Join the World Press Federation UK

The WPFUK represents members in the following sectors: Newspapers and Agencies
Broadcasting, Magazines, Books

PR and communications
new media

There is a specific category of membership for student journalists. The WPF’s photographer, photojournalist, and video journalist members are also represented by the Photographers’ Council.

Press card

International press card
The WPF can also supply members with International Press cards. These cards are issued by the International Federation of Journalists through the WPF and are for journalists working in foreign countries. There is an additional cost for this card. If you would like to apply for an international press card, you will need to supply a passport-style photo.

Identification Card
An introduction card to be used for promotional purposes in organization and office work.

International Vehicle Card
Vehicle cards, which will be the solution to the most important problem to reach international news.

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